Life can surprise

Sometimes life can really surprise! A bit more than 2 years ago I badly damaged by knee and had to go through a surgery and a very long recovery process. I was not able to properly walk for 6 months and, naturally, did not use my camera during that period. But as soon as I could go for a walk, I took it with me and went to the old town in Warsaw. I saw a girl playing a street pantomime and I stood there observing and taking pictures for more than an hour and this was the maximum my knee could handle at that time. I loved these pictures - they were genuine and full of emotions...and the only regret I had was that I did not know who the young lady was and did not have any chance to share them back with her.

2 years later....

Last month 7 of my images were exhibited in the outdoor gallery and her picture was one of them. Imagine the surprise on her face when she was passing by and saw her picture in the gallery:-) She contacted me to express her amazement....and I am so happy that the picture has a name:-)

Photo Exhibition in Warsaw

Some of my photographs are going to be exhibited on one of the "Street Galleries" in Warsaw from today till September the 20th. Nothing major at all, but if you are going to be walking close to Wiejska 2 (next to Sejm building), you can see them printed in large formats. This is what I enjoyed the most when I saw them printed - they look so much different compared to a digital copy. Photographs should be printed, period:-)

Christian Summer Camp in Poland

I spent this week with 80+ kids at a Christian summer camp. Many of them are orphans with no home or family, a terrible past and a very rough present...Some parents decide to chose alcohol, drugs and immoral life over their children. There were 2 boys that started "marking their territory" in the beginning of the week and I assume this is what they do at the orphanage, but after several days they changed and started trusting people around them....they only wanted to be hugged, loved and cared about. I do not know what future holds for them or many other kids that I met this week, but I know they have heard and experienced that there is true God who cares about them and who will never leave them alone. Life will not be easy....but God will give them hope.

Some of the faces from the summer camp.....


A photo tour in Iceland was a great experience and it made me love photography even more. It is so much more then just pointing a camera and clicking the shutter release button. It is the observation, the anticipation, feeling of the place and understanding the dynamics. It is also the constant pursuit for perfection and learning from mistakes. This is one of my favorite photographs as it is a story about a landscape photographer. It was a 3-4 sec exposure taken with 2 filters (Lee ND Grad 0,9 and Pro Glass 0,9) to capture the motion of the ocean.

Location: the ice beach near Hali in Iceland
Photographer on the picture: Skarphéðinn Þráinsson


Goðafoss (waterfall of gods) in the Myvatn area. In the year 999 or 1000 the Lawspeaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði made Christianity the official religion of Iceland. After his conversion it is said that upon returning from the Alþingi, Þorgeir threw his statues of the Norse gods into the waterfall.